Flash Animation

Flash animation can be used for a wide variety of tasks; it can stand alone or be incorporated into Websites, adding greatly to thier design.

Stand-alone Flash animations: The animation examples below were created for the Flash courses I took at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. They display most of the features of Flash: basic animation of symbols (objects), complex animated symbols (the bugs in "Bug-Be-Gone"), timeline control via button and frame action, the addition of sound, animated games, and complex parent-child animation of related timelines.

Flash in Website design: Flash can also be used to enhance Website design. This portfolio (which started as a BCIT Flash assignment) contains three such uses: a Flash splash page (intro page), a Flash navigation bar, and Flash title banners. For more examples of Flash in Websites, see the Websites for NAMedia (navigation bar and home page movie), Peter's Seashells (splash page), and GamaRama Creations (splash page) on my Websites page.

(Bug-Be-Gone Screen Shot)

Bug-Be-Gone Advertisement
(view animation)

This BCIT Assignment required that I animate at least three objects on multiple layers. Bonus marks were given for the use of a mask layer.

For two of the objects, I created complex animated bugs that not only move around the screen, but also move their legs and wings. The third object is a window on a mask layer that uncovers the colored text a word at a time as it moves around the screen.

(O Canada Screen Shot)

"O Canada" Drag-and-Drop Game
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This BCIT Flash assignment called for the creation of an interactive drag-and-drop game.

There are two scenes (an intro and the game itself). The player test their knowledge of Canadian geography by dragging colored squares from a list of provinces and territories and dropping them in the appropriate location on a the map. Buttons were added to restart the game or go back to the intro.

(Christmas Wish Fund Screen Shot)

Christmas Wish Fund
(view animation)

This BCIT Flash assignment involved the creation of three separate scenes, timeline control by frame or button action, complex animation and the addition sound.

Sound needed to form an integral part of the animation and add to its artistic value and meaning. I used two types of sound in this animation: sound synchronized with action (ornament dropping and button click) and background music (which I also synchronized with the fade-in of the gifts to some extent).

(Inner Solar System Screen Shot)

The Inner Solar System
(view animation)

This BCIT Flash assignment involved the animation of multiple timelines with complicated parent-child relationships (the moon circles the earth while the earth circles the sun). Button-style actions were employed to start/stop/reset the animation and mouse-over actions were employed to display textual information about the moon and planets.

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