Over the years, I have worked as a volunteer photographer and also worked on a number of graphic and photo manipulation projects, mainly working with PhotoShop. This page displays a few examples of my work.

(French Kiss Pride Parade Portrait)

The portrait above was taken during my years as a volunteer for the Vancouver Pride Society; I captured a member of the drag duo "French Kiss" in one of her trademark over-the-top wigs. My Pride Society photos have appeared in numerous publications: brochures, advertisements and Websites, including Tourism Vancouver's Gay-Friendly Vancouver Website and FunMaps.

(NAMedia Pop-up Ad)

The above graphic was created for use as a pop-up advertisement for NAMedia's Website; I also redesigned that Website for them. (Note: logo supplied by client.)

(NAMedia Banner Graphic Example 1)

(NAMedia Banner Graphic Example 2)

(NAMedia Banner Graphic Example 3)

Above are three examples of the many hundreds of banners that I created for NAMedia's thousands of Websites. Stock photos were combined and manipulated in PhotoShop and the company graphic or Website name was added. Click the photos to view the full-size banners.

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