The following people have graciously provided reviews of my work as a Web designer and photographer. I also greatly enjoyed working with them on their various projects. Many thanks.

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Vern Jurovich
Name Administration Media

"We first engaged Peter to create banners (hundreds of them) for our paid search sites. We were very impressed with his work, so we asked him to re-design our Company Website, which he is also updating for us as needed. In all of his work for us, Peter's keen eye for composition and inventive use of photos, graphics and color have produced excellent results. We find Peter to be accommodating and easy to work with; we will no doubt continue to use him in future."

(Veena Sood)

Veena Sood

"Peter was great in assisting me with the overall vision of my website. He offered great ideas and suggestions of different things to help my site reflect a personality that was representative of me."

(Triste September)

Triste September
GlamaRama Creations

"Peter did (continues to do) an amazing job with my Website, through our meetings he got a real feel for the look I was going for and executed it perfectly (I am very particular). I continue to get rave reviews from people who hit it, many of whom I haven't seen in years and come across it while looking for me on the Internet. As I am looking to expand my business into other areas, I look forward to hiring Peter to do my future sites."

(Barb Snelgrove)

Barb Snelgrove
megamouthmedia (Past Communications Chair - Vancouver Pride Society 1998-2003)

"For a number of years I was responsible for the marketing and media of the Vancouver Pride Parade. Part of this job was hiring freelance photographers to capture the spirit and essence of the parade and associated events. Peter took on this big job for several years, rising to the occasion again and again to provide the Pride Society with timeless and unforgettable shots. I am grateful for the enthusiasm and creative input he showed in his work with Pride."

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Richard Goldberg et al.
Conchology: the Art & Science of Nature

Click on the above link to read the full-page review of "Peter's Seashells"
(including "Seashells of British Columbia"), the Website for which I won the Conchology Web Award.

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