Website design is a process that I greatly enjoy – the creative process of taking a concept, discussing ideas and possibilities, creating design layouts and finally developing it through to a published site.

Below are several examples of Websites that I have created. Most were designed for clients, while one (Peter's Seashells) is my own labour of love. A short description of the Website design process and the tools and methods I employ in their creation is provided at the bottom of this page.

(ProForma Inc)

ProForma Inc

This client wanted a "simple but really high end" Website for their domain brokerage. The site contains only four pages with minimal text, so strong emphasis was placed on the Flash movie mosaics to add high visual impact.

( is a small website about the gluten-free, casein-free diet, containing articles and resources for implementing the diet and explaining health issues. The page layout, with large blocks of color and white space as well as extensive use of food images, is designed to convey a feeling of health and well-being. Navigation was kept simple and obvious, so that the viewer could easily find articles and resources. This will help the Website to be viewed as a wealth of useful information and a resource to be bookmarked and returned to often.

(Name Administration Media)

Name Administration Media

A major "domainer" company, NAMedia approached me to create their new, updated Web presence. The site provides prospective clients and interested parties with FAQ, About Us and News and Contact pages.

Flash animation was incorporated into the Home page and navigation bars to add additional visual interest to the cool blue and silver color pallet. The current Website is the second updated version that I have created for NAMedia over the last few years.

( was designed to be an authoritative insurance resource. The bold red, white and blue color pallet is meant to convey a feeling of confidence and trust-worthiness. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was kept in mind throughout the design process and the 65 pages of the Website are easily navigable through both drop-down menus and vertical submenus as well as a comprehensive sitemap.


For this Website, the client stated that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was of primary importance. I was given complete control over the structure, design and content of the Website, working together with a writer who researched and created text as needed.

Future growth of the Website was also planned, so space was left on all pages for the addition of mortgage rates charts, mortgage calculators and resource links. These sections were designed for the client for future use, but do not currently appear on the Website.

(GlamaRama Creations)

GlamaRama Creations

For this Vancouver artist, I created a portfolio-style Website to showcase her make-up creativity. Numerous galleries were created using Javascript for pop-ups and animated slideshows. Flash was used in the splash page to add a stunning visual effect of contrasting her glamour and special effects work.

Currently, I am designing another Website for GlamaRama Creations for their extensive line of hand-painted glassware.

(Peter's Seashells)

Peter's Seashells

My own personal Website, for which I am proud to have received the Conchology Web Award.

Shell-collecting is a great passion of mine. This Website is designed as a general introduction to conchology and as a resource for collectors; it also showcasing my personal shell collection and includes an extensive field guide to Seashells of British Columbia. An on-going project, Peter's Seashells has been a "work in progress" for many years; presently it includes Flash animation, JavaScript slideshows, JavaScript pop-up windows and numerous photo galleries.

Creating a Website

The process usually starts with discussion of client needs and the creation of mock-up screenshots in Adobe PhotoShop. These designs are then brought to life.

Hand-coded HTML and CSS (cascading style sheets) are employed to create the basic structure and style of the Website.

In addition to the basics, JavaScript and Flash animation can be used to add life to the Website (in the form of navigation bars, slideshows, galleries, pop-up windows, splash pages, etc). PHP script can also be used to create custom-generated dynamic Webpages, which can access databases for up-to-date information (such as product lists), allow client login, and display more useful forms and confirmation pages.

I also believe that the proper use of photos, graphics and color schemes can greatly enhance the design of Websites – and are the most enjoyable part of the creative process.

I also use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, such as proper use of keywords in titles and links and minimization of page code through proper use of CSS. These methods help a Website's standings on search engine results lists and can greatly increase traffic.

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