(Peter Egerton) Well, here is the page where I get to tell you something about myself, my background and what I do. My three passions in life have been nature, photography and Web design, so here is a little bit about each:

Nature: Since my childhood, exploring the mountains and lakes around Kelowna, I have been fascinated by nature, especially animals. I started collecting seashells at age 11 and have continued non-stop; my collection now numbers about 60,000 specimens (see my Website "Peter's Seashells"). I moved to Vancouver to obtain my childhood goal: a B.Sc. in zoology. Having since decided to keep biology as a hobby, rather than a career, my personal life remains very closely tied to nature.

Photography: Photography has also been a driving force in my life. There's such magic in capturing a moment in time forever — the expression on someone's face, the perfect lighting of a hazy forest meadow, a peek into the daily life of a wild animal. I take photos mostly for personal enjoyment, but I also volunteered for several years as a photographer for the Vancouver Pride Society, an interesting change from my usual subject: nature. My photos have been published on occasion over the years, a collection of west coast ones recently having been featured in "Magazines on Disc".

Web Design: Computers have come a long way since my first introduction to the little black screen with the green letters...pre-Windows, pre-Internet...yikes! In 1998 I enrolled in an intensive one-year business computer program at VCC and fell in love — becoming valedictorian! I continued on to get an Associate Certificate in Internet Technologies at BCIT (again with honors) and am now a Web Designer. I love writing code, playing with photos, graphics and Flash movies, and then seeing the result published for all to enjoy. Turning other people's visions into reality is also greatly satisfying!

My life now combines my love of nature, photography and images, with the creativity of Website design and the joy of seeing my work published on the Internet. I am also a part-time nightclub bartender; I find the noisy, fast paced social atmosphere to be a perfectly contrasting compliment to the other parts of my life.

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